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Packing Up!

Oh hey!  We’ve moved!

Who: Um, still me!  *waves* HI!

When: Last night… until forever.

Where: Here!

How: Magic spells.

Why?: I want to break out of a blog that I started just to talk about writing, and into one that talks about EVERYTHING.  Lots of Nerdfighteria.  *smile*

What: What will I be doing over there?  Well, why don’t you come see?  Basically, I’m merging this blog with it.  I want to talk about my experiences are a senior in college, as an aspiring novelist, as a fledgling vlogger on YouTube, and as a community-theatre-based actress.

Join me?



something to think about

"You know, I don't know if you'll understand this or not, but sometimes, even when I'm feeling very low, I'll see some little thing that will somehow renew my faith. Something like that leaf, for instance - clinging to its tree despite wind and storm. You know, that makes me think that courage and tenacity are about the greatest values a man can have. Suddenly my old confidence is back and I know things aren't half as bad as I make them out to be. Suddenly I know that with the strength of his convictions a man can move mountains, and I can proceed with full confidence in the basic goodness of my fellow man. I know that now. I know it." ~ End of Act I in the musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

competing for the house cup

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