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Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

Pink Fireworks, Jaffrey 2010

For the first time ever yesterday, I went to the Jaffrey Festival of fireworks.  Let me give you some stats on them:

Length: 30 minutes.
Spectators: estimated 40,000.
Emergency vehicles spotted at the scene: 10-ish.
Children waving glow-lightsabers: Upwards of 200.

Basically, it’s a fireworks show put to music.  And since I live in The Sticks, I think that’s pretty awesome.  I was told that this year was incredibly less exciting than previous years, which amazes me further, because as a n00b, I was amazed this year.  Entry fee was $8, and we had to sit on a hill, but I wouldn’t do it any other way.  Perfect view, and the walk was less than a mile to his grandmother’s house, so we didn’t have to fight all the riddikulus traffic.

In fact, if it weren’t for Bryan’s sister’s obnoxious boyfriend (ahhh, relationship tongue-twister!) the walk back would have been utterly peaceful and perfect.  He was just captain obnoxious.  Oh yeah.  And we saw the tech that got fired from our workplace for downloading porn onto work machines.  He didn’t recognise me (hallelujah!) but he did recognise Bryan (sucks to be him) so I booked it and we ended up a bit ahead of everyone else.

But the fireworks were wicked.  I’d like to make a day of it next year, if I can.  But it’s hard to plan that far ahead.  I mean… who knows where my life will be then?  Louise (big boss lady) already took Bryan in for a chat and suggested the management track for him.  She hasn’t had such a chat for me, and I don’t know if I’m offended or relieved.  The company won’t be losing much if they lose me:  I’m a good team worker n’all but I don’t bring in the dough like my boyfriend does.

That was a digression.  My bad.

L’anyhoodle.  I had a long last 36 hours, and my 2pm to 10pm shift tomorrow promises to be a doozy, so I’m going to check my blogroll, then it’s off to sleep for me!

Bonne soir, mes amies!


Home of the Free and the Brave.

Casey Drawing With Chalk

I’m celebrating my Fourth of July by watching Independence Day (I prefer it over 1776, and those are the two today-related films I have).  Since I spent the day working, and since my family is spread out all up and down the east coast, we never do anything exciting.  I try to commemorate holidays by at least watching a holiday-themed film.

In fact, I think the only time I really celebrated the Fourth of July, I was camping with my friend.  I think it was the only time I really enjoyed camping.  It was the only time I slept in a trailer (as opposed to in a tent, yuck).  Nikki invited me to go with her family.  I don’t remember where the campground was, but I remember that I liked it.  They didn’t have a pool or a games room, but they had big barbecues and a contra dance.  We didn’t go, of course, we’re both not-so-closet geeks and who would we dance with, anyway?  Awkward high school sophomores.  But I remember sitting with her and talking and watching fireworks that the campground provided.  I used to go to fireworks every year, but these last two years I haven’t had the time or opportunity.

The best firework show I’ve ever seen was at my old high school, over the baseball field.  They were big and bright and clear.  That was the first summer that Bryan and I were dating, and I remember walking back to the car with him, hand-in-hand, and he was singing “True” by Ryan Cabrera.

What about y’all?  Barbecues?  Amazing new family stories?  Fireworks?  If you have anything, I’d love to hear about everyone’s holiday’s!  If not, well, the night is young… go out and have some fun!


something to think about

"You know, I don't know if you'll understand this or not, but sometimes, even when I'm feeling very low, I'll see some little thing that will somehow renew my faith. Something like that leaf, for instance - clinging to its tree despite wind and storm. You know, that makes me think that courage and tenacity are about the greatest values a man can have. Suddenly my old confidence is back and I know things aren't half as bad as I make them out to be. Suddenly I know that with the strength of his convictions a man can move mountains, and I can proceed with full confidence in the basic goodness of my fellow man. I know that now. I know it." ~ End of Act I in the musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

competing for the house cup

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