Kit-Kat draped himself over the warped bed frame, batting his paw into Lucy’s blonde hair from time to time. The staircases below them creaked and groaned, as though bearing the burden of a thousand bodies. Lucy tugged her knees close to her chest. Nobody was there, though. She was stuck here alone with her kitten.

Although he was hardly a kitten anymore, and should have been old enough to take care of himself. Lucy thought of the cat in Coraline. He helped Coraline get out of the button-eye world. But Kit-Kat was useless. He didn’t even talk. Timmy shoulda never taken her to see that movie and get her hopes up about her kitty. All he did was sleep, sleep, sleep.

She sneezed. The bedroom here was old and dusty; it was nothing like her old bedroom, where he shadow had taken her from. She missed her stuffed animals and her pink Barbie phone. If she had that phone right now, she knew who she would call. She sniffled and Kit-Kat batted one of her pigtails again.

“I’m not a toy, stupid kitty!” she whined this time. Kit-Kat looked at her with wide hazel eyes, then began licking his tabby paw. Lucy wiped snot away from her nose with her hand and looked at the cat, so happy sitting there on the rotting wood and rusted springs. The dumb bed didn’t even have a mattress anymore, but Kit-Kat was being good and happy. Lucy felt bad for yelling at him, so she scooped him into her arms.

“I’b sowwee,” she said, burying her face in his soft fur and rubbing snot all over it. Kit-Kat licked her cheek with his sand-paper tongue, and tear started trickling out of the corner of Lucy’s eyes. “I’b just scared,” she told her kitty, and she hugged him tight.

He was the only thing she had in this strange world where she had been brought.


Word: Warped. || Time: 9 minutes. || Character: Lucy Brown.


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"You know, I don't know if you'll understand this or not, but sometimes, even when I'm feeling very low, I'll see some little thing that will somehow renew my faith. Something like that leaf, for instance - clinging to its tree despite wind and storm. You know, that makes me think that courage and tenacity are about the greatest values a man can have. Suddenly my old confidence is back and I know things aren't half as bad as I make them out to be. Suddenly I know that with the strength of his convictions a man can move mountains, and I can proceed with full confidence in the basic goodness of my fellow man. I know that now. I know it." ~ End of Act I in the musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

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