Be True to Your School

Me, Ash, and Cait at Graduation; June 15, 2007.

“Be true to your school / just like you would to your girl or guy / be true to your school / and let your colors fly / be true to your school.” ~ The Beach Boys in Be True to Your School.

I had a brief discussion with one of my managers today about high school.  He said he hated his high school, for various reasons.  It made me sad, because I loved my high school.  It was (and for the most part, still is) a really fantastic school.  I don’t know whether I just had a fantastic graduating class, or if my love of learning overwhelmed the crappiness of high-school-ness.  One way or the other, I really had no response to give to him about my opinion.  Why was my high school so awesome?  … Because… it… was?

I think maybe I was fortunate.  I had loyal friends.  I had good teachers, interesting classes.  Even gym class wasn’t all that bad.  Granted, it was at the time, but it was an every other day class for a few short weeks.  And health?  Only a couple months of torture.  I really can’t think about much bad to say about my school that was actually the fault of my school.  I had fall outs with friends, fights, certainly, but nothing directly caused by school.  Just individual things from specific people.

I must be lucky.

There are a lot of people I know who hate their schools.  Most of them, it’s a general hatred of school.  A lot of people don’t like being forced to learn things they’re not particularly interested in.  And many of the remaining people dislike the people they go to school with.  I had a great graduating class and I had some amazing teachers.

To those out there who don’t like their schools; try to take the most out of your education.  If you have to be somewhere, you might as well take advantage of it.  Learn as much as you can, have as much fun as you can cram into your schedule.  Don’t spend time wishing you were somewhere else, because if you do, you’ll lose all the time and the opportunities to grow as a person.


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