Gueten Morgen!

Sketching at Stormking; October 19, 2006

“The moment when you first wake up in the morning is the most wonderful of the twenty-four hours.  No matter how weary or dreary you may feel, you possess the certainty that, during the day that lies before you, absolutely anything may happen.  And the fact that it practically always doesn’t, matters not a jot.  The possibility is always there.” ~ Monica Baldwin.

It’s 8:44am and all I can do is think about how I’m still in my pajamas and I want to take a shower but it’s occupied.  This is why I should get up earlier.

I’m a person who has no issues getting up at 5am every day.  Really, I’m not.  I usually don’t get up at that time, but it’s my favorite time of day.  This time of year in New Hampshire, 5am is when the sun is just starting to peek over the mountains and through the trees.  It’s always tangerines and tiny rosebuds here, the luscious pinks and oranges rolling over the sky.  Everybody misses it because they’re all asleep, but I try to see it wherever I can.

The morning carries a peace with her that I enjoy.  Most people are night owls, and so, to me, night is bustling with life.  The image in my head is New York City, Times Square, with the brightly lit billboards and the bumblebee yellow taxis dashing about.  It’s a place where you can never see the stars.  Everybody is up and about, chatting, downloading music, doing whatever people do between the hours of 9pm and 2am.  As an early bird, I hear the silence, not the buzz of life.  The birds are just waking, and you can hear the robins sing as the crickets start to go to sleep.  Feels like the only people awake before 9am are me and young children.  I like it that way.

Morning is my writing time.  Nobody else is up to bother me, to demand that I run this errand, do this chore, listen to this gossip.  It’s me and the keyboard in front of me.  My brain has yet to be filled with the woes of a day wasted to racing around in the high-speed, action-packed, yours-for-a-limited-time-only world.  Don’t get me wrong, I am capable of writing at any time of day, but morning is my most prolific time.  I find a word, pick it up, and the story flows for me.  When I started editing chapter four of Fate (ha.  I should finish doing that) I had to rewrite Jyla and Kesstrel’s fight scene, and it needed to be both more in-character and in a different perspective than when I first wrote it.  I was dreading it so much but then I started writing, and I think it’s one of my strongest pieces.  It only took me about half an hour, too, and I remember I started working on it pretty early in the morning.

My Fifteen-Minute Ficlets are usually done in the morning, too.  They’re not guaranteed strong pieces of work by any means, but they are something to get me started thinking about the world and characters.  This morning as I wrote Eavesdropping, I learned that one of my characters in stuck in the same scene over and over.  I’ve written instances of this same thing about five times.  Challenge?  Getting her out of it.  I can spend the day trying to figure that out, now, because I did it in the morning.  I love mornings.

I guess everyone has their time of day.  Around me, I can hear the world waking up.  That means my time of day is ending.  Adieu, until tomorrow we meet again!


2 Responses to “Gueten Morgen!”

  1. 1 Daryl June 5, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    I’m a morning person, too. By noon, especially on work days, I’m too full of everyone and everything else around me to be able to hear my writer’s voice.

    You’ve got some awesome quotes on your page, too. Looking forward to reading your Ficlets.

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